The Joe Donovan Project


Yngve Raustein and His Family

Yngve Raustein was a 21 year old MIT Junior from Os, Norway whose life was cut short the night of Sept. 18, 1992 when Shon McHugh stabbed him. The filmmakers would like to acknowledge the deep pain and loss that the Raustein family undoubtedly suffered in the many years since his passing.

Studious and intellectually curious, Yngve was interested in space travel and pursued aeronautical engineering at MIT. An artist and cartoonist, Yngve was beloved by his close-knit family and his friends at MIT. Yngve was described by his mother, Inghilid Raustein as “kind and polite, always smiling.”

Yngve’s younger brother Dan-Jarle and mother Inghilid have both stated publicly that while they do not forgive Joseph Donovan for his role that night, they believe he has served his time and should be released from prison.